Brief Introduction to School of Music
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  Established in 1989, the School of Music has formed an integrated curriculum system, reasonable profession configuration and mature teaching mode through the 20 years. It has enrolled students from all over the country since it established, students from 20 provinces and cities across the country apply for the school, which nearly determines the fine quality of enrollment levels ranking in the forefront of Jiangsu Province.



  The School, currently, has 27 professional teachers, of which 4 are professors, 8 are associate professors, 13 are lecturers and 2 are assistants, all which graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory, WuHan Conservatory of Music, Nanjing Normal University and other universities. Besides, well-known exporters, such as Min Huifen, Jiang Zuhui, Zhao xiaosheng, Zhang Chou, Dai dingcheng are invited to work as part-time teachers.

  The School of Music now consists of 5 teaching and research sections: Vocal Music, Piano, Instrumental Music, Music Theory and Composition and Art Practice, 1 digital music laboratory and Institute of Local Music Culture and Arts of Southern Jiangsu. As far as teaching equipment is concerned, the school has performing and broadcasting hall, instrumental music, piano, vocal music practiced room and dance of hall specially built for teaching practice. The school is superior in that it has digital music lab with professional equipment of leading domestic level, including recording studio, computer music production room, and digital piano room. Established in 2008, the institute of Local Music Culture and Arts of Southern Jiangsu, has its own academic journal, named
Research on Local Music Culture Art in Southern Jiangsu”, which has some influence on the research field of Southern Jiangsu local music culture art.


  The School of Music has made great achievements both in teaching and scientific research. Every year, more than 10 academic papers and a number of academic books are published in a variety of publications including some core journals. Meanwhile, kinds of personal video materials come out. The music works by the teachers here have won medals in national professional competitions, which have been shown on Chinese International Broadcasting radio,provincial and city TV stations as well as overseas TV stations. With regard to academic exchange, the School of Music has organized and held “Wuzhong Conference for Musical instrument Performance - The International Chinese Musical Instrument Playing from Score Exchange Forum”, “Southern Jiangsu Local Musical Cultural Arts Academic Forum”,”flow” and “shift”: Explanation of Local Musical Resources under the Global Perspective - Ethnomusicology Forum in Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as other high level academic meetings. It has also organized its teaching staff to participate in artistic exchange with professional groups from such countries as Germany, France, Japan, Russia and other countries. Meanwhile, they have also received and entertained friends from all over the world tens of times. It has won prizes in provincial and municipal art competitions.

  Since the school established, it has cultivated a large number of qualified teachers and administrators for primary schools, secondary schools and universities, transported professional actors and actresses to forces and districts, trained professional production staffs for the media, which makes the school won unanimous approval and praise from all over the society.


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